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클레어오디언스는 "초인적인 청력"이라는 뜻이며 인간의 마음속 소리를 듣는 초능력을 뜻합니다.
본 기업은 계명대학교 의과대학 의용공학과 생체 신호 측정 연구실을 기반으로 한 회사로
생체 신호 측정 기술을 활용한 각종 인체 관련 음성 신호의 처리 기술을 개발하여
심혈관질환,폐질환 등 건강 상태 모니터링이 가능한 웨어러블 헬스케어 장치를 개발하는 회사입니다.

제목 portable iontophoretic drug delivery device with i..
내용 An iontophoresis method to treat the androgenetic alopecia with in-vitro experiment. To treat this condition, the drugs for alopecia treatment need to be delivered into the scalp. Therefore, iontophor..
제목 Implementation of adjustive latency compensation i..
내용 Binaural hearing aid has become an important topic in recent research on hearing aids. It employs two hearing aids, one for each ear. However, a short latency between the outputs of the two hearing ai..
제목 Using Formant Comparison Method to Design a Korean..
내용 Because of Korean popular spread abroad rapidly through China, Korean language study has been became very popular. However, the pronunciation has many difference between Korean and Chinese. Therefore,..
제목 Capacitive Sensor for automatically measuring tumb..
내용 Drinking water has several advantages that have already been established, such as improving blood circulation, reducing acid in the stomach, etc. However, due to people not noticing the amount of wate..
제목 Measuring Core Body Temperature from the Back of t..
내용 To measure skin temperature accurately, a semiconductor-based microtemperature sensor with a maximum accuracy of ±0.3°C was chosen and controlled by a high-performance/low-power consumption Acorn-Re..
제목 Smart Sleep Assitant Lamp
내용 Children struggle to fall asleep by themselves because of their physiological characteristics. Therefore, re-search has been carried on various devices (such as a smartphone) to assist in improving th..
제목 Measuring Core Body Temperature from the Back of t..
내용 Today, taking a bath is not only a means to keep clean, but also to reduce fatigue and stress. However, taking a bath with hot water for a long time can also be dangerous, leading to scalding or even ..